Different Types of ACH Payment Form for Authorization

Setting up an ACH payment form remains the first step towards processing ACH transactions with ease. The ACH network offers slightly more security than the other money transfer modes. The network helps minimize fraud and process payments more seamlessly by…


What is Better, ACH or Wire Transfer? Real Answer – It Depends

“Moderator: Okay, let’s start the discussion. Today’s topic is, what is better, ACH or wire transfer? Participant 1 (P1): Easy, wire transfers always win. ACH technology is so complicated. Have you ever tried signing up for an ACH transaction?   Participant…


Get the Online Banking Bill Pay Options Your Commercial Banking Customer’s Need

Pandemic induced changes in consumer behavior created dramatic shifts in the banking sector. April 2020 marked a pivotal point for U.S. banks, which saw a 50 percent decline in branch traffic and a 200 percent increase in mobile banking registrations,…


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