Automating Sales and Marketing with HubSpot CRM and iCG Pay

Every minute counts in sales. Professionals say they save 2 hours and 15 minutes daily through AI and automation tools. This is a wake-up call for businesses everywhere. 

This saved time, achieved by automating tasks like data entry, note-taking, and scheduling, translates to more opportunities, deeper engagements, and improved sales outcomes.

HubSpot CRM stands out as a top platform for effectively managing customer relationships and optimizing marketing efforts in this niche. It gives businesses the tools and insights to drive growth and foster meaningful connections with their audience.

On the other hand, iCG Pay, formerly known as, is a renowned payment processor specializing in omnichannel payment solutions. By consolidating ACH and credit card processing into a unified approach, iCG Pay offers robust, secure, and streamlined payment solutions suitable for businesses across various sectors.

When combined, HubSpot CRM and iCG Pay provide a comprehensive solution that addresses businesses’ sales and payment processing needs, setting them on a path of efficiency and growth.

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The Necessity of Automation in Sales and Marketing

One of the significant driving forces behind modern business success is the strategic application of automation, particularly in sales and marketing.

With manual tasks bogging down day-to-day activities, it’s no surprise that 97% of sales leaders and sales operations professionals believe that AI provides sales reps with more time to sell. 

When coupled with automation, artificial intelligence (AI) performs tasks like updating deal records and scoring leads. This change enhances the quality of work. By removing these repetitive chores, sellers direct their energy toward meaningful conversations with potential buyers.

Also, according to the States of Sales Report by Salesforce, high-performing sales reps, those at the top of their game, are 1.9 times more likely to harness the power of AI in their operations. This statistic shows the real-world benefits that automation brings to the table.

When businesses rely solely on manual processes for sales and marketing, they face challenges like:

  • Time Consumption: Manual operations, from lead capturing to data entry, are time-intensive. This slows the sales cycle and consumes resources that could be allocated elsewhere.
  • Errors and Inconsistencies: Human errors are inevitable. Whether inputting data, sending emails, or scheduling follow-ups, manual processes are susceptible to mistakes, leading to potential lost opportunities or miscommunication.
  • Scalability Issues: As businesses grow, so do their sales and marketing needs. Manual methods may need help to cope with increased demand, causing potential bottlenecks or missed opportunities.
  • Difficulty in Tracking and Analysis: Automation makes tracking metrics and analyzing performance easier. This lack of insights can hinder optimization efforts and impact strategic decision-making.

Integrating automation into sales and marketing processes offers a solution to these challenges. Automated systems handle repetitive tasks, ensure consistency, and provide real-time insights. This leads to:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Tasks that once took hours can be accomplished in minutes, allowing teams to focus on more strategic initiatives.
  • Scalability: Automated systems can quickly adapt to growing business needs without requiring constant manual adjustments.
  • Improved ROI: With faster processes, reduced errors, and valuable insights, businesses can make informed decisions that lead to better returns on their marketing investments.

Automation in sales and marketing is a must-have for those looking to thrive and grow.

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HubSpot CRM: Empowering Sales and Marketing Automation

In business, staying proactive and efficient is critical. Companies increasingly use tools that automate their sales and marketing processes to meet this need.

The advantages of automation in sales and marketing allow businesses to engage with prospects in real-time, ensuring no opportunity slips through the cracks. Automation also ensures consistency, allowing companies to deliver a uniform message and brand experience across all touchpoints. But the most significant advantage is the time saved, which can then be redirected towards more strategic, value-driven tasks.

HubSpot marketing automation tools address these demands head-on. This platform seamlessly integrates various facets of sales and marketing, ensuring that businesses reach their targets. And with HubSpot integrations, companies can handpick and integrate tools tailored to their unique needs.

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Key Features and Benefits of HubSpot’s Automation Tools

HubSpot’s automation tools offer a blend of robust features and user-friendly interfaces. These tools simplify complex tasks and enhance the ability of businesses to engage with prospects and customers in more meaningful ways.

Here are some of the key features and benefits:

1. Lead Nurturing through Email Drip Campaigns

Without appropriate and timely engagement, leads stagnate. HubSpot CRM’s email drip campaigns are designed to prevent this. Businesses can create compelling emails that captivate their audience even without coding skills.

More importantly, these emails are automated, ensuring continuous engagement. By setting up specific triggers, conditions, and actions, businesses ensure that the right message reaches the right prospect at the optimal time.

2. Workflow Visualization and Customization

Another significant facet of HubSpot CRM is its ability to help businesses visualize and customize their workflows easily.

Regardless of whether a company aims for a simple follow-up campaign or intends to create a complex customer journey, HubSpot’s visual editor makes this process seamless. Advanced segmentation ensures that only relevant contacts are enrolled in these workflows, thus amplifying the efficiency of the engagement.

3. Automating Essential Sales and Marketing Tasks

Every sales and marketing team knows the time drain of repetitive tasks. 

HubSpot CRM’s sales automation software capabilities help with lead scoring, initiating follow-ups, sending notifications, or managing data in bulk. For instance, internal notifications are triggered if a contact performs a significant action—like downloading an essential resource or filling out a contact form. No lead goes unnoticed.

With automated task reminders, sales reps can always stay on top of their game, always taking advantage of timely engagements.

Businesses Using HubSpot CRM for Sales and Marketing Automation

Across industries and scales, businesses have used HubSpot CRM to revolutionize their sales and marketing operations, crafting success stories that inspire and guide others in the domain.

Here are a few standout examples that spotlight the transformative impact of HubSpot CRM:

Ving’s Transformation: Boosting Revenue by 96% with HubSpot

Ving was once entangled in the web of multiple tools, each serving its distinct purpose but collectively creating operational chaos.

Stephanie Hunter, Ving’s COO, vividly describes their situation, grappling with various platforms from Mailchimp to WordPress and then trying to stitch together fragmented insights. This inflated costs and created an intricate puzzle when tracking leads and customers.

Then, at an INBOUND conference, Tony DeAscentis, Ving’s CEO, was inspired by success stories of businesses harnessing HubSpot’s capabilities. With renewed commitment, Stephanie and her team integrated HubSpot, the best marketing automation software. The result was a 96% surge in revenue.

The Knowledge Academy’s Ascendancy: A 192% Sales Growth with Sales Hub

The contemporary sales environment presented a challenge to The Knowledge Academy. Being a significant player in instructor-led training didn’t shield them from dwindling sales. Their traditional methods, which involved expanding their sales team and increasing outreach, seemed ineffective in the changing landscape.

They found themselves trapped in a cycle that prioritized quantity over the quality of connections, leading to diminishing returns.

But Sales Hub, with its in-depth insights, helped them see the friction points, enabling The Knowledge Academy to refine their strategies and place quality of connection at the forefront. The outcome was a 192% surge in sales.


iCG Pay’s Advanced Payment Automation Solutions

Efficient payment processes directly impact customer trust and operational efficiency. iCG Pay offers payment solutions that ensure secure transactions and integrate effortlessly with CRM platforms, most notably HubSpot CRM.


Let’s explore some of the solutions and their real-world implications for businesses:

1. Hosted Payment Portals

Hosted payment portals offer businesses a safe external transaction platform, ensuring sensitive payment data remains secure.

The direct benefit? A significant reduction in the complexities of adhering to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

When integrated with HubSpot CRM, businesses can directly track customer interactions within these portals.

Consider a scenario where a customer abandoned their cart at the payment stage. With iCG Pay’s real-time reporting, HubSpot can trigger a personalized follow-up email or offer, increasing the chances of conversion. Plus, with iCG Pay’s APIs, the technical challenges of this integration are minimal, allowing businesses to focus on strategy rather than system management. 

Watch Hosted Payment Portals in Action

2. SMS Text Payments

SMS Text Payments offer quick and direct payment links to customers. When paired with HubSpot CRM, the advantages multiply.

For instance, after a successful transaction via an SMS link, HubSpot can automate a thank-you message or even a special offer for their next purchase, enhancing customer retention. 

Additionally, businesses can analyze which products or services are often purchased through SMS, refining marketing strategies to target mobile-first customers.

3. Unified Payments Platform

iCG Pay’s unified platform, which merges ACH, credit card processing, and online payments, ensures businesses don’t have to juggle different transaction modes.

When integrated into HubSpot CRM, businesses gain a 360-degree view of customer transaction patterns.

For a company offering both products and subscription services, they can discern which customers prefer one-time card payments for products and who opt for ACH for regular subscriptions. Such insights allow for tailored marketing campaigns or product bundles.

4. ACH Processing

Recurring payments, especially for services like subscriptions, demand a reliable system.

Now, consider the integration with HubSpot CRM. A business can set reminders for customers nearing their payment date, automate alerts for any failed transactions, or even predict monthly revenue based on the scheduled payments.

This integration for a property management company using HubSpot means they can effortlessly manage tenant communications about upcoming rent payments or send automated receipts post-transaction.

iCG Pay’s solutions don’t just offer transactional support. When integrated with HubSpot CRM, they empower businesses with data-driven insights, personalized customer interactions, and operational efficiencies beyond payments.

Maximizing Business Growth: HubSpot CRM and iCG Pay Integration Benefits

The marriage between HubSpot CRM and iCG Pay’s automation technology presents a compelling business proposition.

This integration harmonizes processes, data management, and customer experiences. Below, we’ll unpack the numerous benefits of this symbiotic relationship and highlight its tangible impact on businesses.

Automating Tasks and Enhancing Efficiency

One of the undeniable strengths of integrating iCG Pay within HubSpot CRM is the automation power it unleashes.

Consider a simple process like invoicing:

With iCG Pay’s advanced payment solutions, businesses can automate payment reminders or follow-ups. The process becomes effortless when these are set up within HubSpot CRM.

For instance, once a payment is processed through iCG Pay, HubSpot can be configured to send a personalized thank-you email or even a discount code for a future purchase. This level of automation reduces manual interventions, saving time and minimizing errors.

Streamlined Lead Management and Marketing Optimization

With iCG Pay’s payment data feeding into HubSpot CRM marketing automation software, businesses gain insights into customer transaction habits. 

Let’s take a scenario: a potential lead fills their online cart and reaches the payment gateway but abandons it at the last minute. This data allows businesses to design targeted follow-up campaigns when captured and integrated into HubSpot.

They may email a limited-time discount, nudging the lead to complete the purchase. Such insights enable businesses to tailor their marketing strategies, nudging leads further down the sales funnel.

Higher Conversion Rates and Engaging Customer Experiences

Integrating iCG Pay’s secure payment processes with HubSpot’s robust CRM capabilities can significantly influence conversion rates. How?

Let’s take a subscription-based business model as an example. A user shows interest in a premium feature and is directed to iCG Pay’s seamless payment portal.

Post-payment, HubSpot triggers an onboarding email series, guiding users through the premium features they’ve unlocked. This smooth, end-to-end experience fosters trust and increases the likelihood of the user engaging further or even upgrading their subscription.

Furthermore, consider recurring payments via ACH processing in iCG Pay. A monthly subscription model can be enhanced with HubSpot automating reminders a week before the deduction, ensuring transparency and reducing subscription cancellations.

HubSpot integration with iCG Pay is more than a technical tie-up. It’s a strategic alliance. It empowers businesses to fine-tune their strategies, delight customers at every touchpoint, and drive growth.

Maximizing Sales and Marketing Impact through Automation

The line between sales and marketing is blurring. Success in either domain now depends on strategies that put the best of both worlds into the equation.

Businesses can significantly boost their sales and marketing efforts by merging the capabilities of HubSpot, its CRM marketing automation prowess, and iCG Pay’s advanced automation tools. 

Here’s how this combined force reshapes sales and marketing landscapes:

1. Hyper-Personalized Content Delivery

Every customer is on a unique journey, and generalized content rarely resonates. With HubSpot’s CRM, businesses can segment audiences based on behaviors, preferences, and past interactions.

Now, integrate this with iCG Pay’s payment data, and you have the complete data. You get the content a lead interacts with and their purchasing habits.

You could have a lead who consistently reads content about advanced features but has only purchased a basic package. Such insights pave the way for delivering personalized content, like a detailed guide on the benefits of an advanced feature, followed by a limited-time upgrade offer.

2. Seamless Lead Nurturing and Automated Follow-ups

The path from a cold lead to a loyal customer is paved with consistent, relevant interactions. 

Utilizing HubSpot’s automation, businesses can set triggers based on actions.

  • Did a lead make their first purchase through iCG Pay’s platform? Queue an automated thank-you email.
  • Did they abandon their cart? Send them a gentle reminder or a discount to entice completion. 

With iCG Pay’s automation tools, such as SMS Text Payments, businesses can follow up on overdue invoices or offer convenient payment methods, ensuring smooth financial interactions.

3. Empowered Data-Driven Decisions

Information is power, but integrated information is more powerful. 

HubSpot’s CRM, combined with iCG Pay’s financial data, provides a 360-degree view of a customer. Sales teams can understand which products are most popular, which offers lead to conversions, or even which payment methods are preferred.

Similarly, marketing teams can gauge campaigns’ effectiveness based on revenue data. Are customers from a particular campaign purchasing more? Or are they choosing monthly payment plans over lump sums? Such insights empower teams to tweak strategies, optimize campaigns, and allocate resources more effectively.

Ensuring Data Security and Compliance

CRM systems actively store detailed customer data, including contact details, past purchases, and individual preferences.

With such a repository of sensitive data comes the immense responsibility of ensuring its security. Companies must protect this data from breaches and unauthorized access and comply with regional and global data protection regulations.

iCG Pay recognizes this imperative. As a Level 1 PCI-DSS certified service provider, iCG Pay complies with the highest payment card industry data security standards. Furthermore, our status as a Nacha Preferred Partner for ACH Solutions and Automation adds another layer of trust.

With iCG Pay’s solutions integrated into your HubSpot CRM, robust encryption, rigorous data privacy standards, and secure handling procedures protect customer data, payment details, and other sensitive information.


Combining HubSpot CRM with iCG Pay’s automation solutions gives businesses a powerful way to improve their sales and marketing.

For HubSpot representatives and those in charge of payment processing, this means a smooth mix of top-notch CRM automation features with easy-to-use payment tools, making things simpler and more secure.

Schedule a 30-minute discovery call to see how combining HubSpot CRM and iCG Pay can make a real difference in your payment processing and overall sales and marketing approach.

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