Gearing Up for SubSummit 2024: Where Payments and Recurring Revenue Converge

2024 feels surreal.

The opportunities for business growth seem limitless, yet they also feel precarious and quick-to-lose in today's market conditions. To say the climate is dynamic would be a massive understatement.

So, how do you ensure you stay in business?

Creating a sustainable subscription-based offer might be an effective solution to minimize churn and maximize overall stability.

Most modern business owners realize that the subscription economy is here to stay and that recurring revenue models are rapidly replacing traditional ones across industries. The global subscription economy is expected to swell to a staggering $1.5 trillion valuation by 2025.

Businesses are actively looking for ways to understand and develop their unique subscription models. That's why Phillip Edinboro and Luis Guzman from iCG Pay are eagerly anticipating SubSummit 2024, the largest event that gathers everyone in the $2 trillion recurring revenue space.

"SubSummit is the premier event for anyone in the recurring revenue space. I'm looking forward to connecting with industry leaders, learning about the latest trends, and exploring how we can better serve our clients through innovative payment solutions." - Luis Guzman, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at iCG Pay

Luis Guzman at SubSummit 2024

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An Unmissable Confluence

This event, scheduled from June 17-19 at the Sheraton Hotel in Dallas, will offer insights, trends, and networking opportunities in the revenue-recurring space. Players serious about unlocking growth in the subscription space will be there!

At iCG Pay, we understand the vital role recurring payments play in driving subscription success. From seamless recurring billing to minimizing churn, our solutions empower businesses to optimize their revenue streams.

"I'm excited to dive deep into the latest payment strategies and retention tactics that can fuel subscription growth. SubSummit is the perfect forum to learn from industry pioneers and bring those insights back to enhance our offerings." - Phillip Edinboro, Payment Solution Specialist at iCG Pay

Session Highlights

Here are the top 5 agenda sessions that we look forward to from a payments perspective:

Fact or Friction: Uncover 5 Payment Strategies to Drive Subscription Growth

This session directly discusses payment strategies critical for subscription growth, a core concern in fintech and payment processing. Given our focus on helping insurance providers build stability through recurring payments, this session aligns perfectly with our mission.

The Move to Subscription

Addresses transitioning businesses to subscription models, highlighting payment processing and management for recurring revenue streams. As more and more businesses embrace recurring revenue streams, managing recurring payments for utilities and other services becomes critical.

Proactive Retention: Learning from the SaaS Community - The True Experts in Retention

Focuses on retention strategies, crucial for managing recurring payments and minimizing churn. This session promises to be invaluable for businesses like HOA software providers seeking to unlock revenue through automated recurring payments.

Automate Payments Collection with Powerful Recurring Payment Solutions

Racing Toward Efficient Revenue Growth with the Art of Customer Value

Discusses revenue growth through customer value, with insights into optimizing payment systems for enhanced customer experience. As small banks and credit unions explore recurring payments to unlock growth potential, delivering exceptional customer value is essential for driving adoption and loyalty.

Churn Mitigation Mastery

Directly addresses churn mitigation, an essential aspect of payment strategy for subscription services. Churn mitigation resonates with our mission of providing integrated payment solutions that benefit software vendors.

SubSummit 2024 agenda sessions to look forward to

A Prime Networking Opportunity

Beyond the sessions, SubSummit 2024 presents a prime opportunity for networking and building relationships within the recurring revenue ecosystem. As a leading provider of payment solutions, iCG Pay is eager to:

  • Connect with like-minded professionals
  • Share our expertise
  • Learn from others navigating the subscription landscape

Stay Tuned for Live Updates

As the event approaches, we'll be keeping a close eye on the agenda and making plans to maximize our experience. Whether you're a seasoned subscription veteran or just starting to explore recurring revenue models, SubSummit 2024 has something for everyone.

For those unable to attend in person, follow us on social media for live updates and key takeaways from the summit.

If you're attending, connect with Phillip or meet with Luis to discuss how iCG Pay's direct debit solutions can enhance payment collection for various industries and other organizations embracing the recurring revenue revolution.

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