iCG Pay Becomes an ePayResources Advisor Partner!

iCG Pay is now an ePayAdvisors Partner!

In becoming an ePayAdvisors Partner, iCG Pay, formerly known as iCheckGateway.com, joins a partner program of trusted payments experts dedicated to providing risk management, compliance, and consulting services for safer electronic payments.

“What excites me the most about this partnership is the unparalleled synergy it brings,” said Nikki Estes, iCG Pay’s Human Networking Executive. “Together, we're poised to harness the incredible surge in electronic payments, turning challenges into stepping stones for success, driving us to new heights in service and excellence for our merchants."



“We're excited to join the ePay Advisors vendor program because we recognize the power of collaboration in driving innovation and excellence in payments.  By partnering with ePay Advisors, we're not just joining a program; we're becoming part of a community dedicated to shaping the future of digital payments.” said Luis Guzman, iCG Pay’s Vice President of Financial Institution Strategic Partnerships.



“iCG Pay is focused on delivering innovative payment solutions with an emphasis on security and ease of use,” said Jason Estes, President and CEO at iCG Pay. “We are excited to be part of the ePayAdvisors Partner Program and work with others dedicated to creating resources that help enhance electronic payments across the country.”



Learn more about ePayResources’ trusted group of payments experts in the ePayAdvisors Partner Program and how they provide fast, thorough results for safer electronic payments. For more information, visit https://epayresources.org/Advisors.


About ePayResources

ePayResources has empowered financial institutions and businesses to be informed, compliant, and competitive in payments for nearly 50 years. ePayResources provides emerging and legacy payments expertise, professional development, and industry leadership through education, publications, compliance support, risk management, and advocacy. Their subsidiary, ePayAdvisors, provides payment audits, risk assessments, and customized payment strategy consulting.

About iCG Pay

Founded in 2008, iCG Pay, formerly known as iCheckGateway.com, is a U.S.-based fintech organization collaborating with financial institutions, software vendors, and diverse businesses, offering tailored solutions to meet their ever-evolving payment processing needs. With an extensive suite of payment solutions, including virtual terminals, SMS payments, hosted payment portals, email invoicing, and more, iCG Pay empowers businesses to accept, process, track, and manage payments simply, securely, and reliably.

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iCG Pay’s innovative solutions help you accelerate payments simply, securely, and reliably.

We help businesses accept and process payments with our suite of next-gen customizable fintech solutions. Our automated technologies help you carry out ACH and credit card transactions on a single easy-to-use platform.