How Can Mobile Credit Card Processing Boost Sales for ISOs?

Mobile payments have become very popular in recent years. They account for almost half of global e-commerce payment transactions.

Data by Statista shows that mobile payments will increase to more than 54% by 2026. Why? Because most customers are gravitating towards the convenience of payments like mobile credit card processing.

Mobile credit card readers are now valuable in all types of stores. Customers can process payments in real time without necessarily coming to the counter. This advanced payment technology presents a unique opportunity for Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs). They can sell the services and software required to process mobile credit card transactions to more merchants.

To boost their sales, ISOs should team up with trusted payment partners like iCG Pay, formerly

Let's explore how mobile credit card processing transforms ISOs.

Projected increase in mobile payments

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How Do ISOs Work in Payments?

ISOs are third-party entities that act as intermediaries between merchants and payment processors. They facilitate the acceptance of credit and debit card transactions for businesses. As sales agents, ISOs promote payment processing services to merchants and help them set up the needed infrastructure.

When you work with an ISO, you can access a range of services, including:

With their knowledge and flexibility, ISOs serve businesses that want many payment options, such as credit card processing. Once they set up the infrastructure for a merchant account, they earn a percentage of the transaction volume.

How Does Mobile Credit Card Processing Boost ISO Sales?

Merchants that accept multiple payment methods attract more consumers. ISOs are critical in mobile credit card processing, enabling business owners to accept payments efficiently. Here are the different ways this can boost advance sales for ISOs.

Geographical Expansion

Mobile credit card processing helps ISOs overcome the traditional geographical limitations that may have restricted them in the past. They can add mobile credit card payment processing services for businesses in various regions. Accepting credit cards this way will help them grow and enter new markets strategically.

This approach makes it much easier to diversify the client base and increase sales. Online credit card systems are essential for unlocking new avenues for business growth.

Operational Efficiency

According to a Forbes survey, about 34% of consumers pay for purchases using a physical or virtual credit card. Mobile credit card processing is on the rise because it streamlines electronic payment processes. They eliminate the need for manual input and reduce the overall time spent on each transaction. This expedites the customer checkout experience and enhances overall transaction efficiency.

The automated reconciliation features also ensure financial accuracy, saving both time and effort for ISOs and merchants. When businesses become more efficient, they are more likely to get more payment services from ISOs.

Mobile credit card processing is on the rise

Enhanced Customer Experience

ISOs help merchants make an informed choice when choosing a payment processing partner. Payment gateways like iCG Pay collaborate closely with ISOs to ensure efficient processing of mobile credit card transactions, boosting cash flow.

This streamlined process positively impacts the overall customer experience through quick checkouts, personalized promotions, and loyalty programs.

As an ISO, you can sell more if merchants see their customers are happier and more loyal.

Competitive Edge

ISOs that provide mobile credit card processing solutions to businesses gain a competitive edge. They can position themselves as innovative partners in the advanced payment industry. This technological prowess becomes a unique selling point, especially for businesses actively seeking cutting-edge payment solutions.

The competitive edge stems from the ability of ISOs to offer payment methods that align with evolving consumer preferences. With this approach, ISOs can secure existing client relationships and target new partnerships to increase sales.

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What Security Measures Are Integral to Mobile Credit Card Processing for ISOs?

Credit card fraud is the most common form of identity theft. In 2023, identity theft was the second-most common issue reported to The Federal Trade Commission. It made up 19% of all complaints.

Therefore, as an ISO, you must ensure that the mobile credit card payments are secure. Here are the security measures to prioritize:

Encryption and Tokenization Protocols

Robust encryption and tokenization protocols secure sensitive payment data during transmission. ISOs should work with payment processors that use encryption to keep information confidential. Additionally, tokenization replaces cardholder data with unique tokens to protect information from unauthorized access.

Compliance with PCI DSS Standards

To handle payment information securely, ISOs provide credit card processing solutions that comply with PCI requirements. This compliance sets up solid security practices. It earns the trust of merchants and consumers by ensuring careful treatment of their financial information.

Device Security Measures

Stringent device security measures are necessary to ensure the safety of mobile credit card transactions. Mobile devices have extra protection and features like biometric authentication to keep data safe.

Credit card fraud

How Do You Choose The Right Processing Partner For Your ISO?

ISOs should consider making iCG Pay their preferred payment processing partner to offer the best solutions. Here's a guide on navigating the partner selection process:

  • Evaluate security protocols and measures: Investigate the security protocols provided by the payment processing partner. Look for features such as end-to-end encryption, tokenization, and other advanced security measures. These will help safeguard sensitive payment data.
  • Assess integration capabilities: Evaluate the partner's integration capabilities, considering aspects like API flexibility and compatibility with diverse platforms. For instance, at iCG Pay, we provide APIs, developer tools, and plugins to facilitate integration with your software.
  • Examine transaction speed and reliability: The efficiency of payment transactions is of utmost importance. Assess the partner's transaction speed, reliability, and capability to handle peak loads. A dependable payment processing partner ensures swift transaction processing without interruptions.

iCG Pay ticks all these boxes and more. We pride ourselves in our ability to speed up payments simply, securely, and reliably. 

Boost Your Sales with Mobile Credit Card Processing

Adopting mobile credit card processing solutions opens new avenues for sales growth for ISOs. These digital payments boost operational efficiency and enhance customer experiences. ISOs that work closely with payment processors can provide robust security measures to prevent credit fraud.

Consider partnering with a reliable payment gateway like iCG Pay to increase sales. Our payment solutions provide an opportunity to earn additional revenue streams.

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