SMS Technology Updates Merchant and Consumers Easier

Our SMS Technology systems have completed the testing phase, and the tech department has deployed them for use. Subscribers can also follow iCG on Twitter, where we also push out system status updates to help save the day for our merchants and partners.


Wait, if there is an issue, your company tells me as it is happening instead of hiding it?

Yes! That seems pretty transparent. 

Sallie Dwyer, Director of ISO Relationships and Partnership and Sales Trainer for iCG, says, “Using the System Status page syncing with SMS Technology and Twitter will help merchants appreciate our relationship. When we all know challenges can exist when utilizing technology, merchants need to know about them as they happen so they can plan accordingly, too.” wanted to be precise;

If we see an issue, we need to address it quickly. Moreover, we also need to inform our merchants and referral partners soon in case of errors. Everyone in the loop solidifies trust. SMS Technology seems the right fit to pass along this info, with most of us holding our phones within arm’s reach, whether we run businesses or shop as consumers.


Subscribe to the System Status SMS Technology Updates

The subscription to the System Status alerts the audience to several essential components, including the Online Terminal updates. Everyone appreciates possessing access to the Online Terminal. That platform gives each merchant virtual access to see the transactions that come in from all solutions. They must stay updated to ensure that everything progresses as they intended. If the maintenance window for an upgrade occurs, they can plan accordingly with their company updates.

Most will possess Credit Card Services with us directly or with the sales representative that brought them to us. We can integrate with any of the Merchant Processors so that you can offer credit card and debit processing services. Currently, we work with Elavon, First Data Fiserv (Nashville and Omaha), Worldpay from FIS, and TSYS.

While we will manage it and keep their merchants informed with this System Status SMS Technology, 100% of that credit card processing revenue stays with the referral partner. We encourage them with a shared revenue plan when they offer their merchants utilizing all of our services alongside ACH to give them the most innovative technology we can provide them.

We have ODFI relationships with different banks to offer the ACH processing. It ranks as the most popular tool in the belt with lower fees and numerous solutions. It runs alongside the credit card processing solutions with the same technology, like Cash Discount, recurring payments, and accounting software applications like Quickbooks online or Quickbooks desktop. Other top services currently included in the list to receive System Status updates from the SMS Technology include iCG Pay App services, Payment Portal Services, IVR Services, SMS Services for incoming payments, and iCG Verify Services for the bank account validation for ACH payment transactions. (iCG) Uses SMS Technology to inform you of payment service status updates.

Ask about Becoming a Partner, and we will help you discover the most efficient methods of getting paid, setting up SMS Technology, and any of our other suite of payment solutions.


Date Originally Published: November 11, 2021

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