Using an IVR Call Center for Merchants

Do you want to grow your business and offer better customer service without hiring more people? Do you want to increase customer engagement and enhance the company’s brand image without investing in costly digital marketing strategies? IVR call center solutions are perfect for you if you want to grow your business without hiring expensive human resources.

This blog talks about how modern-day IVR technology revamps the way merchants conduct business.


Benefits of Using IVR Call Center Solutions

Redirect Customer Queries Correctly

One of the primary jobs of a receptionist is to connect customers and prospects to the right people at the organization. In the past, without a full-time receptionist, a business had no way to route the incoming calls correctly. However, the modern-day IVR solutions make routing calls a piece of cake! Now customers use the keypad on their phones to select the person they wish to speak to within seconds.

IVR technology easily routes callers to sales, support, administrative, etc., departments with a few clicks. Large organizations now use the IVR call center software to route both external and internal calls.

Automate Problem Solving with 24×7 Support

Businesses operating across international borders often need to offer support across different time zones. The IVR technology helps companies provide 24×7 support without hiring an additional workforce. Technologically advanced call center software now understands customer queries and offers solutions using pre-recorded resolutions. 

Several companies set up IVR to answer the frequently asked questions for their global customers. Such systems allow companies to address customer grievances 24×7 beyond the conventional business hours of a set time zone.

Collect Important Information 

Ideally, the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions work independently and address customer queries and routing suggestions without manual input. However, these systems act as assistants to an active human customer support team in some cases. Companies use these phone systems to pre-check and collect important customer information before handing it over to the customer support team. This pre-check helps support executives save time and address calls faster, reducing wait times.

Prioritize Calls Based On Needs

Smart IVR systems prioritize the calls based on the needs of an individual. These systems push specific customer queries that require a priority resolution in the waiting queue. Some modern IVR systems also recognize the incoming calls based on phone numbers to identify repeat callers and prioritize them before the first-time callers. Companies use this feature to offer premium service to customers who pay extra for faster resolution of queries.

Enhance Company’s Brand Image

Although the popularity of modern-day IVR systems is growing, only a handful of companies use them actively. Large, well-established companies use such systems best. However, this technology is growing more and more affordable every day, making it accessible to smaller merchants. So, small business owners easily afford such systems now to enhance their brand image and appear more professionalStudies show that the demand for global IVR systems will reach US$6.7 Billion by the year 2026. 

Additionally, companies now pre-record custom greetings and personalized messages for their premium customers to make them feel special.

Record Customer Feedback

Organizations use the Interactive Voice Response systems to collect feedback too. They use these systems to collect customer feedback after the customer wraps up the call with a live agent. Large companies cannot compromise on their customer service and rely on these systems’ feedback to improve their services. 

Set up Callback Numbers 

In some instances, when such phone systems cannot solve complicated customer queries, companies use them to collect customer contact information for a callback

Collect Payment Authorization

Customers now pay via their credit cards and online ACH on the phone using advanced IVR systems. Customers key in their account details and payment data using their phone keypad with IVR payment technology. The call center solution entertains the customers with payment options and easily collects the authorization and payment details within seconds.

More and more companies are adopting contactless payment technology ever since the pandemic hit. With a robust IVR setup, companies now easily offer another form of popular contactless payment method.

Collect Payment Information for Multiple Payment Modes

Our IVR solutions helps collect payments via credit cards and online ACH on a single platform. Customers can always choose to speak with a customer service representative when needed, but they can also avoid a conversation to pay directly using IVR systems. They interact with next-gen IVR tech using their phone’s keypad or voice recognition. 

All transactions on our network pass through a secure web portal to increase PCI compliance without storing unnecessary data on merchant’s systems. 

Offer Hassle-Free Multi-Lingual Support

We offer turnkey solutions in both English and Spanish to cater to a broader audience. Customers calling their merchants now select the preferred language and interact with the right live agent or IVR system according to their convenience. 


Use the AI representatives

The correct phone systems quickly help merchants increase customer satisfaction and redirect incoming calls to reduce wait times. They also improve customer morale by acting as an accessory to the live agent support team. The support team focuses on more essential tasks like addressing complicated customer grievances with such systems in place.


Want to set up your IVR call center solution to collect payments and offer a seamless customer experience? Speak to one of our payment technology experts to know more!


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