A Brief on Understanding API Integration

The phrase, API Integration often sends merchants and sales professionals alike into a mystical cloud of magic and wonder taking place behind the curtain in the laboratory. These words open a bright world of automation opportunities in the payments industry to streamline manual processes, accelerate cash flows, and increase security.

Give API Integration Education

Merchants want it, and sales professionals would be wise to lead with it; however, the question on both sides, “What is it?” is the key to unlocking the technical secrets.

All API integrations under the sun in the payments revolution can be summed up with two simple methods.

  • GetCustomerData
  • PostPayment

With these simple toolkit concepts, sales professionals bring tremendous value. They can simultaneously meet business needs and offer real-time/usable visibility to consumers. API Integration simplifies the long-term burden on resources by offering:

  1. Validated payment data
  2. Enhanced consumer experience
  3. Reduced PCI scope
  4. Increased security
  5. Business resiliency
  6. Economic efficiency

So get out there and automate with API Integration! Learn more, and become a partner.


This message was posted originally on LinkedIn by Jason Estes, CEO

API Integration Made Simple | LinkedIn


Date Originally Published: October 1, 2021

Date Updated: August 1, 2022

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