Why Should Religious Organizations Consider ACH for Donation Processing

An increasing number of churchgoers are opting for electronic modes of giving over traditional cash or check donations. According to recent data, approximately 49% of individuals attending religious services contribute through credit cards or other electronic methods, with 40% opting for cash donations. 

Religious organizations leveraging these emerging digital platforms, such as ACH processing, eChecks, and mobile wallets, are also experiencing a rise in their overall contribution levels. This is because the world is increasingly adopting digital payment solutions - and donations are no exception.  

ACH processing is a fundamental tool for donation processing. It enables religious organizations to accept donations, tithe contributions, and grants securely and much faster. Are you considering adopting ACH payment systems? 

Learn why ACH processing is essential for your organization and how to integrate it into your operations to enhance donation collection.  

Electronic contributions in religious services

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What is ACH Donation Processing?

ACH donation processing is a secure and efficient method of electronically transferring funds between bank accounts. In the context of charitable giving and financial contributions to religious organizations, ACH serves as a streamlined mechanism for processing donations. 

Instead of relying on traditional paper-based transactions, ACH facilitates the direct transfer of funds from a donor's bank account to the recipient organization's account. 

Integrating an omnichannel payment processor that allows you to accept ACH payments is essential. It allows your religious organization to: 

  • Sell fundraising event tickets and merchandise
  • Process online donations safely
  • Protect sensitive donor financial information from fraud
  • Collect membership fees


How Can ACH Simplify Donation Collections for Religious Organizations?

ACH transactions can increase donations to religious organizations. They simplify donation collections through the streamlined and automated electronic transfer process. Here's how ACH brings efficiency and convenience to the donation process for these organizations:

Automated Transactions

ACH empowers religious groups to establish automated transactions. You can set up a one-click system for all the recurring donors and members. After the first entry, the payment details are saved; therefore, donors won’t need to fill out donation forms every time they contribute. 

Additionally, this system allows you to set up recurring payments, whether weekly, monthly, or annually, giving your donors flexibility. Automated ACH processing ensures a steady and predictable flow of funds and cultivates a sense of commitment among donors.

Reduced Administrative Burden

Reduce the administrative costs in your religious organization by integrating ACH processing. All the collections are made electronically. You eliminate the need for manual administrative tasks associated with processing paper checks or handling cash donations. 

With this system, you save valuable time for staff and volunteers and mitigate the risk of errors. When the payment systems are efficient, you can allocate resources more efficiently toward your core mission and community outreach.

Flexible Payment Options

Statistics show that churches that accept tithes via online platforms increase their overall donations by 32%. As an organization, you need to keep up with the current digital payment methods and trends to ease the process and collect more donations. This means you also need to offer various payment options to cater to different preferences. 

ACH simplifies the process by ensuring donors make their contributions securely and faster. To make it more convenient, partner with payment gateway providers that provide ACH processing and other advanced technologies like iFrame and hosted payment portals. This way, you can attract more donors.

Online tithing

Secure Transactions

ACH donations prioritize security through robust encryption and authentication measures. The transactions are usually tokenized to safeguard sensitive financial information. The ACH transaction is only processed after the account holder authorizes it, eliminating the risk of error and fraud. 

In case there’s a fraudulent transaction, the ACH payment processor can reverse it. This commitment to security ensures a convenient donation process for donors. It also builds trust in the digital giving platform. Donors can contribute with confidence, knowing their financial information is handled with the utmost care and diligence.

Lower Processing Fee

Compared to traditional payment methods, ACH transactions save on costly processing fees. For instance, wire transfers and credit card payments get charged about 2-3% of the total transfer amount. On the other hand, ACH payments are charged a flat fee of between 25 to 50 cents.

The reduced financial burden on donors and the organization enables a larger portion of the contributed funds to support the mission and initiatives directly. Additionally, lower processing fees in ACH transactions translate to more financial resources being directed toward the core objectives of religious organizations.

Cost effective ACH payments

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How Can You Select the Best ACH Payment Gateway for Your Religious Organization?

You could be losing money if you are not utilizing ACH processing. But there’s a way to avoid this—partnering with a payment service provider that meets all your needs. Selecting a payment processor is a crucial decision. Here are key factors to consider:

Nacha and PCI Compliance

You need a payment gateway that adheres to stringent security standards and compliance regulations. Look for providers that implement encryption protocols, secure data storage, and comply with PCI requirements. They should also be a Nacha-preferred partner to protect sensitive donor information against security breaches,

Customization and Integration

Choose an ACH processing partner that allows for customization to align with the branding and specific needs of your religious organization. Additionally, seek compatibility with your existing systems, such as accounting software and donor management tools. Seamless integration enhances the overall operational efficiency of your organization.


Can your provider accept other payment methods? Confirm whether your partner offers additional features like SMS text-to-donate, cash discount programs, and email acknowledgment receipts. These features streamline the billing process.

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