iFrame from iCG Pay: Secure Payment Processing For Your Website

Unlock the power of embedded payments with iFrame, an iCG Pay solution that delivers a secure, uninterrupted shopping experience. By embedding a payment page from a third-party service provider into your website and passing tokenized transactions directly to the iCG Pay gateway, iFrame removes sensitive data from your scope and transfers risk to the service provider.

With iFrame payment processing and seamless gateway integration, your customers can safely shop without ever leaving your website. Gain complete visibility of payments and settlement activities without storing bank account information or cardholder data in any of your systems.


Applications of iFrame Payment Processing

Its simplicity and ease of use make the iFrame payment page popular among vendors and merchants. 

  • Vendors leverage iFrame’s advanced security features to tokenize transactions, which enables them to control the user experience without handling sensitive data. 
  • Merchants accept payments on iFrame forms customized for their industries and business models. This enables them to gather pertinent customer data while reducing PCI scope.

Regardless of how you implement the iFrame payment page, you can deliver a seamless customer experience while maintaining the highest levels of security and compliance. Customer credentials and payment information on iFrame cannot be remotely intercepted or modified.

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Primary Paths to Hosting Payments on a Website

Your hosted payment page will ideally reflect your company’s color, imaging, and brand. The following are additional considerations when implementing iFrame payment processing:

iCG Pay's hosted iFrame Payment Processing

If you choose an iCG Pay hosted model, our technical team will customize and maintain your iFrame payment page while providing seamless payment gateway iFrame integration. Tokenized payments are sent directly to the iCG Pay payment gateway, removing sensitive data from your scope. Upon completing their checkouts, visitors are redirected to your website.

Self-hosted iFrame Payment Processing

If you outsource iFrame payment processing, your merchant services software developer will carry related risks of handling payment and bank account data. While merchants control their websites’ actual iFrame payment pages, software developers have a say in the page’s user experience and aesthetic appeal. As they embed text box placeholders on the page, developers can choose fonts, colors, and styles that complement their software applications.

Semi-integrated iFrame Payment Processing

The third option for iFrame payment processing is to create an iFrame on a merchant website using text boxes that allow iCG Pay to tokenize and host the data. Merchants can manipulate text box placement while keeping the data out of scope and away from their servers. This relieves merchants of managing sensitive data such as credit card number, customer name, expiration date, CVC, ACH account and routing numbers, and contact information.


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Value-Added Tools for iFrame

From a flexible, customizable payments gateway to robust API libraries and technical support, iCG Pay's hosted payment solutions are designed to look and feel like an integral part of your company and website. Customers who check out on iCG Pay’s iFrame payment page will enjoy a secure and uninterrupted shopping experience. Merchants who use iCG Pay’s hosted payments portal will quickly and easily view customer transactions and settlement activity.

As part of iCG Pay’s technology suite, the iFrame payment processing solution offers an array of versatile tools and hands-on support. The following solutions can be integrated into your iFrame payment processing:

Check Verification

Our award-winning check verification services can be directly embedded into iFrame payment pages. iCG Pay support gives you the option of turning on or off verification right at the time of processing a payment.


If you plan to use tokenization, you can incorporate account validation into your iFrame using iCG Pay’s available API. This will enable you to validate a user or transaction before the API returns the token.

Recurring Payments

iCG Pay’s recurring payment tool enables you to schedule recurring tokenized payments directly into your Hosted Payment Portal and iFrame payment page.

Multiple Payment Methods

iCG Pay's hosted payments pages enable customers to quickly log in and check out with their preferred payment methods, including credit cards, ACH transactions, mobile, and digital.

Mobile Payment Processing

iCG Pay’s mobile payments app enables you to securely accept ACH and credit card transactions and remote deposit capture. The solution is compatible with iOS and Android and can be integrated with your iFrame payment processing.

Cash Discount Program

iCG Pay’s cash discount program can help you recover card acceptance costs by offering discounts to customers who pay by ACH on your iFrame payment page.

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Date Originally Published: March 19, 2021

Date Updated: August 1, 2022

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