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Evolution of Digital Payments with ACH Mobile Payment Processing

Gone are the days when it was a dream to make online payments in the blink of an eye. In this amazing period of digitization, the Automated Clearing House (ACH), a U.S. financial network, continued to operate for electronic payments and money transfers for decades. You can also opt for an ACH mobile payment processing method to save your time and money efficiently. Accept one-time or recurring ACH payments while growing your business and avoid a lot of hassle, and enjoy your business experience.


What is ACH Processing?

ACH functions as a batch processing system. The transactions accumulate and are processed later in bulk. ACH gives two types of transactions – Direct Deposit and Direct Payment. Direct deposit is used in payrolls and the payments of the government benefits, interests, and annuities. Whereas Direct Payment processes through your bank’s bill paying service or you use it when you are setting up a recurring payment with your utility company.


ACH transactions are administered by the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA). In 2019, NACHA processed 24.7 billion ACH transactions, making the ACH one of the country’s biggest banking systems. Card-not-present (CNP) merchants can offer automated account-to-account payment acceptance through a hosted service available from



The Wonders of Mobile Payment Processing

Being electronic, ACH payment processing provides safer transaction processing, even if available as a mobile payment processing option. It definitely makes sense for a business to accept ACH mobile payment processing to ensure significant savings. This only requires a bank account and a routing number. Cash, checks, or credit cards are not needed. ACH Mobile Payments are different from other types of electronic payments or EFTs (Electronic Funds Transfers) like echecks, wire transfers, debit and credit cards, etc.


Welcome to Accepting Secure Payments On-the-Go

Expand your business payment solution offerings with iCG Pay mobile app. With this tool, you will securely give the ability to accept ACH, credit card transactions, and Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) anywhere from a mobile device. iCG Pay app works compatible with both iOS and Android systems, enabling consumers to make safer transactions wherever they go.

Cheers to the blessings of the modern digital revolution!


Why Choose ACH Mobile Payment Processing?


Smooth Payment Processing

Like our merchant referral partners request, we help the service industry increase revenue opportunities with our robust mobile payment solutions. The tools to process your payments, empower your mobile device to accept a variety of payment forms. For example, use echecks, credit cards, and paper checks Remote Deposit Capture (RDC). Our PCI compliant gateway helps prevent cyber fraud to process any credit, debit, and ACH payments securely and efficiently.


Faster Payments

Mobile payment processing provides the best way to process payments immediately. Services like lawn care, housekeeping, and in-house installation benefit from our mobile payments app.

Our company (iCG) builds one of the fastest-growing private companies of the nation, an Inc 5000 list recipient. has a Virtual Terminal that processes your payments in real-time. Moreover, this payment solution gives you easy access to viewing, reporting, and managing transactions instantly.


Highly Secure Payments

In mobile payments, point-to-point encryption ensures the highest levels of security, and processing through iCG’s secure technology reduces PCI scope. No sensitive customer or transactional information stays stored on your mobile memory. To avail more security features, you can always collect electronic signature authorizations with the processing. For more information on secure payments, check out our video.


Various Mobile Options

Extensive Availability built a sophisticated mobile payment processing method, universally available. It functions for a number of systems like iOS, Android, Kindle, and more. In consideration of this information, it implies the significance of mobile payment processing to your business, regardless of the device you are using.


A Variety of Payment Options

Armed with security, the mobile app possesses the capability to load with additional equipment that permits EMV chip cards, swiped cards, and pin-based debit transactions. Key in credit card or e-check transactions without using a card reader by using the accompanying web application. In addition, Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) simplifies the process by taking a photo of the checks on your mobile phone.


ACH Mobile Payment Processing Time

The ACH mobile payments generally take three to five days to process, but these payments are cost-effective. Even so, since 2018, same-day payments are being used. However, some banks add on fees for this type of transaction. Then, the reasons for three to five days ACH processing time include the batches in which ACH transactions are processed get run only three times a day and only on business days.


Considering Your Options

ACH The Reliable Mobile Payment Solution

With the passage of time, continuous advancements have been made in ACH payment systems, making ACH payments more attractive for businesses. Moreover, using mobile payments to transfer larger amounts and the allowance of funds to settle and be available on the same day are parts of the updates. In a trusted partnership with Nacha, iCG performs its duty as ACH payment opportunities are benefiting large enterprises and small businesses equally. If you haven’t started using ACH mobile payment processing, utilize our valued services for accepting payments and reap the fruits of your efforts.

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