What Benefits Do ACH Payments Offer to The Insurance Industry?

According to Deloitte’s 2023 insurance industry outlook report, most insurance carriers have greatly benefited from the recent technology transformations, thanks to insurtechs. These insurtech companies play a big role in developing solutions that simplify industry functions, including underwriting, claim processing, data management, risk management, payments, and billing. 

To streamline the payment system, insurance players are integrating systems like Automated Clearing House (ACH) processing. ACH payments have emerged as a reliable method for claim disbursements and policy premium collections. They offer multiple benefits, especially for an industry that requires security, efficiency, and a seamless customer experience. 

So, how can you integrate ACH processing? A reliable payment processing partner like iCG Pay, formerly iCheckGateway.com, makes transactions easier, ensuring that insurance companies are secure and efficient. 

Let's examine the distinct advantages that ACH payments bring to the insurance sector.

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How Does ACH Processing Work?

ACH processing facilitates electronic payments between bank accounts through the ACH network, offering a seamless and efficient transfer method. The process involves two types of transactions: ACH credits and ACH debits, both handled as direct electronic funds transfers (EFT). 

For an ACH transaction to be processed, it involves the originator, who initiates the transaction, and the receiver, who receives the payment. 

It also includes the originating depository financial Institution (ODFI) to process and accept the originator's ACH transaction, an ACH operator to receive ACH entries from the ODFI and distributes them to the receiving bank, and receiving depository financial institution (RDFI) to manage the debiting or crediting of the receiver's account. 

Unlike domestic and international wire transfers, which are irreversible, ACH transactions pose as reversible. 

ACH processing is used for vendor payments, payroll, tax refunds, mortgage loans, insurance premiums, and recurring bill payments.

Efficient ACH processing

What Benefits Do Insurance Companies Get From ACH Payments?

As an insurance carrier, it's important to leverage technologies for premium collections to serve their customers better. Automating and integrating payment systems like ACH change how your organizations operate. 

Insurance companies can derive numerous benefits from incorporating ACH payments into their operations. Here are compelling reasons why you should consider leveraging ACH payments:

ACH Payments Boost Operational Efficiency

ACH payments streamline operations by automating the transfer of funds. This reduces the manual effort and time associated with traditional payment methods. This is particularly advantageous for recurring billing like premium collections and claims disbursements. 

Additionally, ACH transactions are processed in batches at specific times during the workday, allowing for efficient handling of multiple transactions. This batch-processing capability contributes to operational efficiency.

Enhanced Security Measures

Data shows that the total cost of non-health insurance fraud is approximately over $40 billion annually. In addition, with the rise in digital payments, there’s an increase in fraudulent activities. However, with ACH processing, the network is regulated by Nacha; therefore, it has robust security protocols, including authentication and encryption. 

The account holder also requires proper account authorization to process ACH transactions, reducing the risk of fraud and error issues. These security features are essential in the insurance industry to protect sensitive financial and personal information. 

ACH transactions adhere to strict Nacha regulatory standards, ensuring insurance companies comply with financial regulations and data protection laws. This compliance adds an additional layer of security to financial transactions.

Tackling fraud

Improved Customer Experience

The average American consumer has multiple bill payments to juggle each month. Most of these payments have to be done simultaneously, which can be time-consuming. Because of this, customers prefer convenient payment options like ACH. 

ACH payments offer policyholders convenient options, including automated recurring payments, ACH mobile processing, and personalized billing schedules. Consumers can pay on time, eliminating late payments. This flexibility enhances overall customer satisfaction by providing a seamless and tailored payment experience. 

Furthermore, ACH transactions are better than paper checks because they typically have faster processing times. This results in quicker premium processing and claims disbursements, positively impacting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Optimized Cash Flow Management

ACH payments contribute to predictable cash flows by adhering to regular billing cycles. Insurance companies can better manage their finances with the assurance of when payments will be received. Because of this, insurance players can allocate resources strategically and respond more effectively to business needs.

Reduced Administrative Overhead

Collecting insurance bills digitally reduces postage fees. ACH payments minimize the need for manual intervention and paperwork associated with physical payment methods. Reducing administrative tasks lowers operational overhead, allowing insurance companies to focus on other strategic initiatives and customer-centric activities.

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Flexible Payment Collection

As your insurance company grows, it needs a payment system that can handle the payment volume. ACH payment systems can accommodate varying transaction sizes and frequencies, providing flexibility to adapt to changing business needs. 

Additionally, the network supports various payment types, including payroll, vendor payments, tax refunds, benefits disbursements, and more. This versatility makes it a comprehensive solution for the diverse payment needs of insurance companies.

ACH for growing insurance firms

How Can Insurance Companies Set Up ACH Premium Collections?

If you want to start collecting premium collections via the ACH network, here’s a guide to get you started:

Examine Existing Technologies

Begin by conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the existing technologies and systems within the insurance company. Assess the current payment processing infrastructure and identify gaps or areas needing enhancement for ACH premium collections.

Conduct Customer Surveys

Your customers would be better positioned to inform you of any issues. Assess the willingness of policyholders to embrace ACH payments for premium collections. This approach also allows you to adopt a payment system that boosts the user experience.

Partner with a Reliable Processor

Once you have the information, the next step is choosing a reputable ACH processor. Before picking a technology partner, consider these factors: 

  • A proven track record in the financial industry
  • Compliance with industry regulations and security standards
  • Experience in handling insurance-related transactions
  • Customer support
  • Integration capabilities with the company's systems

iCG Pay Can Help You to Easily Accept Insurance Payments

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