iCheckGateway.com is Now Worldpay (from FIS) Certified!

Endeavoring to bring world-class payment solutions to ISOs, ISVs, and merchants, iCheckGateway.com is pleased to announce that its iCG payment gateway completed direct certification with Worldpay from FIS. With this new certification, iCG partners now have more payment options on a global scale.

A respected Fortune 500 leader, FIS has influenced how merchants, banks, and capital markets connect and conduct commerce for over 50 years. With the unparalleled breadth and scope of cutting-edge payment connectivity from Worldpay, iCG partners have an opportunity to expand commerce virtually without limits.

Demand for contactless, seamless, PCI Scope payment options remains strong. According to a FIS study, global eCommerce grew 31% in 2020. Respondents stated they would continue to use more online and mobile banking in the future, and 40% said they are likely to shop online more than in-store. Accelerated by pandemic restrictions, these trends are expected to persist as consumer payment behaviors shift permanently. iCG’s future-forward approach to certified integrations with industry leaders helps manage changing payment preferences.


Payment Processor vs. Payment Gateway

Understanding the distinction between a payment processor and payment gateway provider is essential in determining which third-party vendor(s) to align with. The line between a gateway provider and a payment processor can be confusing.

A payment gateway provider generally offers a third-party hosted payment software solution for handling online, mobile, interactive voice response, and in-person on-site transactions with data security features to protect against fraud and data breaches. A reputable gateway provider typically can integrate payment solutions and payment processing systems that would usually be incompatible. This makes it possible to connect to the payment processor of choice. Larger enterprises may choose direct integrations. However, these systems tend to be more complex and resource-intensive to implement and maintain than gateway provider solutions.

A payment processor is a company appointed by a merchant or business to handle credit and debit card payments through the merchant acquirer, a merchant-designated bank, or a financial institution. Businesses using gateways typically have two relationships: one with the gateway provider and another with the processor. In some cases, the gateway is already integrated with the processor, and only one agreement must be executed. iCG’s certification with Worldpay by FIS allows the latter option for client partners to simplify the application process for ISO and ISV relationship managers.


Working with iCG

One of the benefits of working with iCG includes the ability to pair credit card processing as a service alongside ACH processing for referral ISO partners who need it. iCG’s internally developed gateway platform deploys proprietary coding technologies with APIs fully supported by the company. This includes automated ACH payment technologies, unified merchant transaction settlement, and residual revenue payment features.

iCG’s all-in-one payment gateway and virtual terminal are currently integrated and certified with Elavon, First Data/Fiserv, TSYS, and now Worldpay, giving partner representatives numerous processor options.

With the addition of Worldpay by FIS, iCG partners will continue to rely on our gateway platform to settle all transactions via the online terminal, receiving residual income with detailed reporting each month from the ACH and other iCG-provided solutions used. Worldpay will also provide tear sheets and commissions on any revenues generated from merchants using its processing systems.

iCG leads the electronics payment industry as a robust payment gateway and merchant processing services provider, combining powerful ACH and credit card processing in one unified affordable solution. Let their support team customize a solutions package securely under the management of iCG’s PCI Scope. The tech team put together a plan that seamlessly integrates with your native software systems, allowing frictionless payment processing. Benefit merchants with multiple options to implement the ability to pay within their site with an iFrame or hosted payment portal, over the phone, with mobile solutions, through email and SMS invoicing, and in conjunction with Plugins like Quickbooks Desktop and Quickbooks Online.

The virtual doors have opened for Worldpay from FIS to deliver their businesses more solutions, leading the sales to discuss technology over costs.

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Date Originally Published: April 09, 2021

Date Updated: August 1, 2022

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