iCheckGateway.com Introduces QuickBooks Plugins

With the Nacha rule change on WEB transactions and increased cybercrime threats, iCheckGateway.com (ICG) has worked fervently to stay updated on the latest security regulations to ensure data protection. Similarly, as payment processing trends have evolved and changed, ICG has implemented updates and new features to their tools to accommodate clients’ needs based on valuable customer feedback. ICG has and will continue conducting extensive market/industry research to provide forward-thinking technology that best serves our merchants and partners. That is why we are proud to present the QuickBooks Desktop Plugin v 2.0.

QuickBooks Desktop Plugin Security Features

When it comes to security, especially the security of sensitive financial data, you can never be too careful. The ICG QuickBooks Desktop Plugin (QDP) provides security features such as tokenization to support the convenience and efficiency of stored payment methods for autopay customer profiles without the risk of housing sensitive customer card data locally. This strategy reduces the burden of PCI compliance scope while empowering merchants with enhanced cashflows and payment acceptance resources.

QuickBooks Desktop and Online Integrations

For those not already using our QuickBooks service, we remind you that ICG offers integrations with both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. We offer seamless integrations using our latest QuickBooks plugins and support tools, making accounting tasks such as invoicing and accounts payable easier. Our service also allows merchants to get paid faster with both ACH and credit card transactions; approvals are streamlined so that you don’t have to wait to get paid. It also offers more control and visibility into payments so that you can easily access and view activity if there's an issue.

Integration with QuickBooks Online (QBO) works for both traditional and cash discount accounts. Once QBO is enabled for the merchant’s ICG account, it allows the merchant to sync the customers and invoices from QBO to ICG. We will then associate a customer with the corresponding invoice when it is time to import the payments. The merchant would follow these steps: sync customers, sync invoices, and then sync payments. Once the customers and invoices have been synced, there are several different options:

  • Send invoices (individually or as a group) from the ICG Virtual Terminal
  • Send invoices out as usual from QuickBooks with a link to the website for payment
  • Process payment on behalf of the customer by using the Customer Tab in the Virtual Terminal

Our QuickBooks service at ICG will fit in with your current process under one manageable solution. Schedule a call with our relationship managers today to know more.


Date Originally Published: October 19, 2020

Date Updated: August 1, 2022

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