Looking Forward to MWAA 2021 Conference in Chicago

We enjoyed coming out to the in-person SEAA conference so much in Bonita Springs, Florida, that we will send 3 of our team members to enjoy networking with partners in the payment services industry at the Midwest Acquirers Association conference. We hope to synergize with new partners in payment processing. The timing proves to get on the street and meet with businesses as the doors open across the country. Most new companies now need advanced payment solutions to give their customers the ease of use required to process ACH and credit cards on one platform.

Payment Education for ISOs, ISVs, and Merchants

Every modern-day business needs to start moving from accepting payment in person or the mail to highly innovative mobile and tech solutions. Top technology providers offer payment portals, encrypted iFrame solutions, SMS and email invoicing options, MOTO services, and eCommerce platform integrations to provide excellent security. iCG will present their solutions in an exhibitor booth, over coffee, between breakout sessions, and during cocktail hour. Attendees of all business types need payment education, from the sales organization that works with B2B, SMB, and publicly traded enterprises to the software vendors who integrate with API solutions in utilities, healthcare, insurance, and more.


Looking Forward to the Conference

The 2021 MWAA Conference celebrates 19 years of hosting this annual payments industry event by the Midwest Acquirer’s Association. B2B organizations will attend from across the country. We look forward to the opportunity to send Sallie Dwyer, our National Sales Director, Dana Ingle, one of our Senior Solutions Consultants, and a representative from our Technology Department, Ned Thompson, QA Specialist, on such trips. 


About MWAA

The MWAA was founded on the belief that it is essential to educate payment professionals, such as ISOs, MSPs, and financial institutions, about the constantly changing information the industry dictates. The association is committed to bringing you this information by involving all aspects of the community. MWAA is a nonprofit, no-membership independent forum dedicated to you!

On their website, MWAA notes:

“The 19th annual conference #MWAA2021 will be held at the Marriot Magnificent Mile Chicago. This one-and-and-half-day conference will be filled with educational and networking opportunities, dynamic speakers, and an exhibit hall featuring the latest payments and value-added products and services.”

We look forward to seeing you there. If you are not going but don’t want to miss out on discussing a partnership with us, become our partner here.


Date Originally Published: July 10, 2021

Date Updated: August 1, 2022

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