What makes iCheckGateway.com unique?

There are myriads of payment processing solutions in our world today. So what makes iCheckGateway.com unique?

iCheckGateway.com not only offers affordable payment processing solutions, but powerful ones as well. We have brought together ACH processing and credit card processing on one platform with unified reporting.

When coupled with our customizable, technology-driven solutions, you get a very unique product, giving your customers more convenient and varied payment options. We specialize in designing custom Internet applications tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Some of the many payment solutions we offer:

  • ✓ IVR System — your customers can make payments by credit card or ACH on an automated phone system at any time without having to speak to a live representative
  • ✓ Custom Payment Portals — you can put a “Pay Now” button on your website that is redirected to a payment page designed to look like your website
  • ✓ Recurring Billing — you can set up an automatic schedule to debit a customer’s bank account or credit card with just a couple of clicks (can also be added to payment portals)
  • ✓ QuickBooks Plugin — you can import payments from the gateway into QuickBooks and apply them to invoices and also process payments directly in QuickBooks
  • ✓ Email Invoicing — you can email invoices to your customers that contain a link where they can click to pay their bill online
  • ✓ Check Verification — you can have real-time access to positive and negative account information to help eliminate potential fraud and reduce the likelihood of returning unpaid items
  • ✓ Integration — you can integrate using our API and web services
  • ✓ …and more.

Best of all? All these transactions show up in the same place regardless of how they were received. You can view details of each transaction in our user-friendly Online Terminal.

Known for being user-friendly, functionally dependable, and customizable, iCheckGateway.com’s robust payment technologies service a broad spectrum of industries that range from utilities and healthcare to financing and charities.

Contact us at (888) 746-5741 to speak with someone about your specific payment processing needs and the solutions we have to offer you!

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