Should I Send an Invoice via Mail or Email?

“Why should I send an invoice via email?” my friend asked me. “What is wrong with sending them via the conventional mail route?”

“Of course, you can continue sending invoices via mail, but most modern-day customers prefer emails because of the added benefits,” I replied.

“What added benefits?” 

“Well, for starters, email delivery is instantaneous compared to the mail, which can take up to several days.”

“Hmm. That makes sense. Tell me more.”

This blog discusses the differences between sending invoices via email and the conventional mail route. 


Pros of Sending an Invoice Via Mail

Tried and Tested Old School Method

Familiarity is one of the critical reasons merchants prefer sending invoices via mail. Although email has been around for a while, mail has been the preferred invoicing method for decades now. Merchants that run on legacy operating methods resist change and find online invoices cumbersome. However, merchants can create an invoice with just a few clicks with the modern-day invoicing software.  

Customer Satisfaction

Due to the targeted demographic, adopting the new-generation invoicing method for a few merchants proves challenging. Their customers are not keen on using emails and other computer-based tools to receive and pay invoices. They may not ‘trust’ the technology and comprehend the great lengths of security it SHOULD possess to keep the customers’ sensitive date safe from cyber crimes. Getting a trusted payment partner and avoiding such unnecessary fraudulent charges will build trust with customers. 

Finding a Needle in a Haystack

Studies show that an average individual receives over a hundred business emails every day. The merchant’s audience may miss the invoice amongst the hundreds of other emails bombarding their inbox every dayHowever, flagging invoice emails separately is a quick fix for such a problem.


Pros of Sending an Invoice Via Email

Simplify the Billing Process

While there was a time most recently when small business owners got away with mailing invoices to their customers due to lower transaction volumes. Consumers desire more automation and technology these days for their ease of use.

However, consider the large energy and utility companies that need to send out thousands of invoices every day. Their responsibilities include managing late payments and handling transactions seamlessly. Collecting unpaid invoices and processing paper checks is a massive hassle for large organizations. Email invoicing is the only logical choice for them. 

Streamline the Invoicing Process 

Collecting invoices is just one small part of the picture. These companies also need to manage unpaid invoices and complete the reconciliation processes for thousands of transactions. Managing invoices on a single virtual platform helps these companies save hundreds of person-hours and track transactions while seamlessly generating consolidated reports. Moreover, they track these transactions over back-office accounting software like QuickBooks with advanced developer plugins

Go Green

Email invoicing allows these large organizations to Go Green and take a digital-first approach towards their operations. The top invoice management systems helps them save considerably by eliminating postage and printing fees.

Set Up Automatic Recurring Payments

Customers of most utilities and energy companies are billed monthly for their services. With digital recurring invoicing, these companies save time and money. With these solutions companies also automatically request payments for goods and services through the virtual terminal.

Get Paid Faster

Large companies take their digital invoicing processes up a notch by sending their customers a link to pay via online ACH or credit cards. With such solutions, the customers do not need to sign a check or go to their nearest company branch to pay their bills. Instead, they now pay their bills online from anywhere in the world by clicking a simple payment link on their mobile device. 

Adopt a Secure Payment Method

Before sending invoices through emails, these companies need to take additional steps to keep their customer information safe. With technologically advanced virtual terminals, companies reduce PCI scope to keep sensitive customer data safe at all times. 

Create Custom Invoices

Our email invoicing solutions allow companies to create custom invoice templates. They use these solutions to place their branding elements such as logos and payment information on the professional invoices for their customers to identify invoice emails quickly.


Email invoicing allows companies to accelerate their cash flow by collecting payments online using a simple payment link. They also use it to send reminders for late payments to customers on their email addresses. Gain easy access to essential data like opened invoices, paid invoices, past-due payments, total invoice amounts, and late invoices using payment solutions. Set up a call with payment processing experts to know more today!


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