SMS Invoicing Solutions for Payments

Often companies explore more opportunities between offering products or services with online ACH payments and credit card processing, which still seems so cumbersome for numerous reasons.

With technology advancing, that phone being carried around most of the day, anyone can utilize the SMS Invoice Solution with your toolkit of customized software packages. The business owner can decide if they want to send a reminder for due bills, late payments, etc. All merchants that sign up for SMS payments eliminate the burden of reminders and follow-ups and ensure that payments go into the same virtual terminal for reporting. Offering credit to creditworthy customers is often critical for long-term customer relationships. Even more important is to allow them a seamless way to make the payment when it becomes due. Merchants often spend resources on collections that could be allocated to more valuable activities.


Enter Super Heroes at iCG

iCG gives merchants from ISOs and ISVs an advantage to offer a revenue share on more than hosted payment portals and IVR technology. SMS Payments meets the potential efficiency exceeding your consumer and business needs. SMS invoices, notifications, and reminders allow businesses to keep their spending on collections lean. In addition to invoicing, merchants can offer their customers a frictionless way to make payments from within their mobile phones, without any physical contact.

The SMS invoice solution seamlessly integrates into iCG's terminal with all other solutions. You can manage all payments from the same dashboard, regardless of which method your customer uses to process the payment.


Why You Should Consider SMS Invoice Solution

SMS Invoice for Merchants

Deliver invoices to your customer's smartphones, and give them the convenience of making payments right away via text messaging. SMS invoicing also allows sending account reminders and notifications in case you have an overdue account with a customer.

Your customers could utilize two user-friendly payment options. They may choose to pay via a secure link that will allow them to submit the payment using the online portal. Alternatively, customers can complete payments directly through SMS using prompts. Customers can use the command "Help" to prompt the system to send a list of commands they can use while transacting.

SMS Invoicing helps merchants save on time, stationery, and postage. What's more, unlike posted invoices, SMS invoices are delivered in real-time. Merchants don't need to wait for the invoice's delivery or for the customer to pay online with a credit card or ACH payment. Once the customer receives the invoice, they can make the payment in less than a minute. Faster payments help merchants increase revenues, minimize the age of their accounts receivables, and improve cash flow.

SMS Invoice for Charities

A large portion of a charity's revenues comes from donations. Donations sustain the organization and its mission. Needless to say, charities would benefit from offering donors easier ways to make donations.

Donors' preferences can influence decisions by the methods they use for making payments to other merchants. Many merchants now offer customers the option to make payments online. If your donors just are conditioned to using the traditional methods of donating, such as checks, invoices, or pledge forms. It could translate to a loss of revenue when online transactions lower the attrition rate in closing the sales and speed up the purchasing processes by offering ACH payment or credit payment.

See how the SMS invoice solution can help nonprofits give donors more flexibility by allowing them to make donations using a campaign code. ICG's state-of-the-art technology solutions can support your customers by making donations quickly and easily, whether you're running one campaign or several.

Not only does ICG's solution offer a secure and trusted method of making donations to donors, but it also has an interface that is easy for employees to implement. A user-friendly interface is the key to minimizing mechanical errors and keeping the learning curve gentle for new employees.


The SMS Invoice solution

When you choose SMS Invoicing, you're offering your customers or donors a convenient way to make credit card or ACH payments by entering text prompts.

This solution allows your customers or donors to pay via ACH and credit cards. While your customers enjoy the flexibility of choosing their preferred payment method, you benefit from the improved efficiency that eliminates the need to manually input information in multiple systems.

Customer accounts and their private information is safe. Your customer's confidential financial information is stored at the time of initial enrollment with the SMS Invoicing system, and it's never released through text messaging. Your provider manages sensitive customer information directly.

Invoicing solution also enables merchants to send periodic reminders and payment notifications using a customizable integration. You can notify your customers about an upcoming payment, receipt of funds, or remind them about overdue payments. Moreover, you can customize the receipts to align with your branding strategy.


Who to Choose?

All payment gateways with good relationships with ODFIs ensure compliance with Nacha's regulations. Extensive industry experience and at least one AAP on staff will help the companies involved navigate the ropes of compliance for accepting ACH or credit card payments for all businesses. The support will be valuable when you need it to solve pain points. Fulfill your entrepreneur mindset to focus on your services rather than feeling out of sorts with your processor provider, ensuring the payment solutions will work.

Our support staff is always a call away, ready to provide our partners comprehensive support for any technical difficulties they may face while getting used to our technological solutions. You'll never need to keep your customers waiting should they need any assistance with a technical problem, and our tech and support staff will ensure issues resolve promptly.

Schedule a call with us if you're looking for a reliable partner to provide your customers or donors with an easier way to make payments.


Date Originally Published: September 30, 2021

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