Top 4 Integrations for QuickBooks Enterprise 2022

The ability to integrate QuickBooks Enterprise 2022 with different tools makes it the most scalable application for business users. Accountants, as well as business owners, can leverage the open-ended integration of Intuit QuickBooks to connect various local as well as third-party applications seamlessly.

This blog talks about the 4 QuickBooks online and desktop integrations that can improve your user experience and give you enhanced functionality.


QuickBooks Time

Feature description

The QuickBooks time tool is a time-tracking software developed by Intuit. With the growing popularity of remote work, employers are looking for ways to track the productivity of their employees. The QuickBooks time tool helps business owners easily track the work activities of their employees using a handy tool. Some other features include:

  • Team management: Team management to track all your projects and employee resources. 
  • Geofencing: Great for tracking the activities of the field agents who work on the move.
  • Scheduling: Schedule tasks and projects based on the availability of your employees so that no project goes unnoticed and employees don’t feel burnt out.
  • Advanced Reporting: Predict the costs of a job, plan for your payroll, and increase profitability. 

Who should use it?

Organizations that need advanced reporting for their white-collar employees (who work with computers) can leverage this tool. The tool can help employers track employee activity over all kinds of mobile and desktop devices. 

How to sell it?

As an ISO or an ISV, you need to take extra precautions while positioning this tool as an add-on. Instead of selling it as a digital leash, you should ideally propose using this as a way to track and reward employees that operate with excellent productivity. 

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QuickBooks Method:CRM

Feature description

Salesforce is one of the most popular CRMs in the world. Enterprise organizations use it to manage their customer and prospect data. However, organizations that do not actively use a CRM can discover the Method:CRM developed in-house by the Intuit team. Some of the critical features of this CRM include:

  • Two-way sync: Making changes to customer data? You don’t need to make changes on QuickBooks and your CRM separately. With the two-way sync, you can change data on one platform and automatically update both.
  • No-code customization: You can complete the customization on the accounting tasks faster without the help of a development team. 
  • Shared lists over multiple devices: You can access the Method:CRM on all kinds of digital devices like desktops, phones, and tablets. 
  • 360-degree view: This application helps you access all customer, vendor, and prospect-related information like contacts, transactions, and sales data on a single page. 

Who should use it?

The Method:CRM is beneficial for organizations that deal with several customers/vendors. It is an excellent tool to manage and access data quickly.

How to sell it?

QuickBooks highlights the Method:CRM as the only real-time two-way sync to QuickBooks. It is a clear choice for organizations that rely heavily on the QuickBooks desktop and mobile app as their primary recording-keeping tools.


QuickBooks Online iCG Plugin

Feature description

A reliable payment gateway like is one of the first applications you must connect with your QuickBooks Enterprise 2022. Without a payment processor, QuickBooks becomes a record-keeping tool and nothing more. However, with the help of the QuickBooks Online and Desktop iCG plugin, you can now process transactions seamlessly over ACH as well as credit cards. The top features of this integration include:

  • Top-notch security: With features like the up-to-date scope of PCI compliance and tokenization, iCG builds on top of the existing safety offered by the ACH network. Additionally, the support team at iCG can customize information collection forms to reduce the chances of unnecessary refunds and fraud. 
  • Access to multiple payment modes: Get access to both ACH and credit card processing on a single platform.
  • Availability of the cash discount program (CDP): CDP is usually only available with walk-in purchases at brick-and-mortar stores. However, with ACH, you can now start offering cash discounts on online purchases, too.
  • Ability to send invoices through a virtual terminal: You can send individual and grouped invoices to multiple people through the intuitive iCG plugin terminal without logging into the QuickBooks platform.

Who should use it?

All customers using QuickBooks to process payments (not just as a record-keeping tool) should use the iCG plugin. 

How to sell it?

Merchants would be interested in a hassle-free payment gateway that helps them access both credit card and ACH processing. Getting access to the CDP is an extra feature that allows merchants to increase their reach and get more customers for their business. 



Feature description

Many organizations, especially in the manufacturing and wholesale industries, are still not comfortable using online tools like QuickBooks to manage their accounts. Instead, they rely on paper-based transactions and invoices to carry out their daily tasks. For these organizations, a Hubdoc empowered version of QuickBooks is a life-saver. It is essentially a tool that can publish and attach documents with their data directly to several accounting tools like QuickBooks, Xero, and Some of the critical features of Hubdoc include:

  • Cloud backup: Hubdoc automatically backs up your document and the extracted data on the cloud. This way, you can rest assured that your data is always safe and stored even if you lose the paper document associated with it. 
  • Easy collaboration: Sharing documents between people is a big hassle for organizations that deal with a lot of paperwork. The paperwork often gets stuck in inboxes or on a cloud network randomly, especially if it is not organized correctly into folders. With the collaboration feature, you can share data and documents easily between bookkeepers, accountants, and other colleagues.
  • Advanced search: Finding the correct document when your folders are unorganized is a big nightmare. Hubdoc automatically extracts essential information like bank account details, payment links, email addresses, etc., from your documents with the extraction feature. After extracting the data, Hubdoc makes it accessible via a search query so that you can look for the correct record within seconds and save time. 
  • Auto-filing and sorting: Hubdoc automatically files and sorts documents based on various details like upload date, customer/vendor details, etc., so that you can find them whenever you need them. You don’t need to attach documents to emails and send them for filing purposes. Instead, you can easily send your colleagues a Hubdoc link for easier access. 

Who should use it?

Organizations that deal with a lot of paperwork are ideal customers for the Hubdoc tool. Hubdoc is not restricted to QuickBooks. Instead, you can link with other accounting tools like Xero and So, it is an ideal tool for organizations that use more than one accounting tool. 

How to sell it?

Ask the merchant how they manage paper invoices and receipts now. Most of them keep a photocopy of these documents or scan them and upload them onto a drive. With Hubdoc, these merchants can organize and access the documents seamlessly. 


Setting up your QuickBooks Enterprise 2022 is easy. With the right annual subscription, you can access a priority circle and support from the team. However, you should consider adopting these plugins if you want to get the best out of your QuickBooks experience. Want to learn more about seamless payment processing with QuickBooks? Get in touch with our team today!

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Date originally published: February 23, 2022


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