ePayConnect 2024 Conference: Unveiling the Future of Payments

ePayResources is one of the leading payment associations with over 1,000 financial institution members. It ran its annual conference, ePayConnect, from March 11th to 13th, 2024, in Orlando, Florida. 

ePayConnect 2024 buzzed with excitement as it tackled the future of payments. The conference drew roughly 300 attendees, a diverse mix of financial institutions, service providers, and even government regulators. This created a unique space where ideas flowed freely, and new collaborations took shape. 

Luis Guzman, VP of Strategic Partnerships, represented iCG Pay at ePayConnect 2024. Here are a few of his takeaways:

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ePayConnect 2024 Conference Highlights 

ePayConnect 2024 offered an array of educational tracks covering operations, fraud, products, technology, and executive insights, providing attendees with diverse perspectives and valuable knowledge on payments.

ePayConnect 2024

Notable Presentations

Some of the standout presentations included: 

  • Payments State of the Union: Insights from Nacha and The Clearing House shed light on the growth trends and verticals for payment rails.
  • Payments in Today’s World: Finastra and Jefferson Bank delved into topics such as ISO2022, instant payments, payment hubs, and cloudification, offering a glimpse into the latest advancements shaping the payments industry.
  • FedNow Onboarding Best Practices: Pidgin, Corporate America CU, FRB, and the Bankers Bank engaged in a fruitful discussion on onboarding FedNow clients, sharing best practices and insights.
  • Modernizing B2B Payment with Instant Payments: Pidgin and Q2 explored the potential of instant payments for B2B use cases, highlighting opportunities for innovation and efficiency in business transactions. 
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Discussions and Networking 

Attendees actively participated in discussions and networking sessions, sharing insights and forging connections to drive collaboration and growth in the payments ecosystem. Notable discussion topics included: 

  • Instant Payments: Insights revealed that FedNow is projected to surpass 1,000 participants by the third quarter of 2024, with significant growth in digital wallet funding. ACH transactions continue to grow steadily, particularly in leading verticals such as B2B, healthcare, and online payments.
FedNow insights
  • Opportunities for Collaboration: Attendees seized the opportunity to explore potential collaborations and partnerships. From discussing online banking platforms to exploring hosted payment portals and enabling Zelle for business, participants were keen on leveraging synergies to drive innovation and growth.
  • Future Outlook: With ePayConnect 2024 paving the way for collaboration and innovation in the payments landscape, attendees left the event energized and inspired to shape the future of payments. Opportunities for partnerships, collaborations, and industry visibility abound, promising a bright future for the payments industry. 

Luis said, “As ePayConnect 2024 drew to a close, attendees departed with a renewed sense of purpose and a commitment to driving positive change in the world of payments. With the insights gained and connections forged at the event, the stage is set for a future where innovation thrives, and the possibilities are limitless.” 

Luis Guzman takeaway

To learn more about ePayResources and their upcoming events, please visit the ePayResources website. 

Stay tuned for further updates and insights from the world of payments.

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