5 Things To Know About IVR Call Centers for Healthcare Operations

"But why should you invest your hard-earned money in IVR technologies? Don't people prefer talking to people?"

These are the questions I encountered while researching and speaking with several experienced salespeople across various organizations. I heard that people only prefer talking to other people and not machines because we live in a digital age and crave human connection. However, what if the machine is more helpful and saves time? Does a human connection trump a timely productive conversation with a well-designed machine? I think not.

A study by Zendesk showed that 50% of people across the globe prefer using phones to reach out to customer support. It is certain that turnaround time and productivity are significant factors in assessing the quality of a customer support conversation. Customers would prefer answering a few basic questions and getting a resolution to their query within 30 seconds instead of waiting for a solution for several minutes. This is where intelligent IVR call center technologies come into the picture. This blog discusses the five latest developments in IVR call center technology from a healthcare industry point of view.


IVR Technology is Intelligent

The role of an IVR call center was initially limited to routing calls. The programmable IVR technologies routed inbound calls to specific people or departments in large organizations. They replaced the need for a telephone routing assistant altogether. However, modern IVR technologies can do much more. Here's a brief on the things they can do:

  • Redirect Customer Queries Correctly
  • Automate Problem Solving with 24×7 Support
  • Collect Important Information 
  • Prioritize Calls Based On Needs
  • Enhance Company's Brand Image
  • Record Customer Feedback
  • Set up Callback Numbers 
  • Collect Payment Authorization
  • Collect Payment Information for Multiple Payment Modes
  • Offer Hassle-Free Multi-Lingual Support

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IVR Call Centers Offer Several Benefits

Hospitals and large clinics can quickly build their own programmable IVR routes to redirect customer queries to the correct department. The best plug-and-play IVR systems enable the hospital staff to make changes easily whenever necessary without a dedicated IT specialist. An organization typically invests in IVR technology for the following reasons:

  • Offer Better Customer Service: Large automated IVR systems handle thousands of incoming calls simultaneously without lag, thereby offering better customer service. A Forrester study shows that 53% of US online adults would likely abandon their online purchase if they could not find a quick answer to their question. Self-serve portals and IVR technologies are the future of enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Automate Segregation of Customer Queries: Some IVR systems sync with the CRM and medical data systems to fetch patient data. This data helps the system identify phone numbers and automatically route callers to the correct person within the organization. 
  • Reduce the Overall Turnaround Time: Intelligent IVR systems manage the heavy load of inbound calls by keeping the customer entertained and collecting relevant information before allowing them to speak with a live agent. They reduce the overall waiting time by answering the customers' FAQs automatically.
  • 24x7 Availability: Unlike live agents, IVR technologies quickly offer 24x7 multi-lingual support, which is critical for handling emergencies in the healthcare sector.


IVR Payment Processing is Safe

Financial institutions realize the potential of IVR payment systems. Our banking and financial institution customers are leveraging our guide on IVR phone systems for finance operations. These institutions are super strict with their technology adoption since they cannot afford to compromise their data security. Banks and insurance companies often use the IVR technology for:

  • Completing PCI Secure Payment Transactions
  • Sending Notifications and Reminders
  • Improving Profit Margins

PCI-compliant payment processors help healthcare organizations adopt payment technologies without increasing their PCI scope. They develop customizable solutions that integrate with the existing systems of large enterprises to offer them secure payment methods. Check out this guide to see how various industries use IVR call centers to collect and manage payments.


IVR Payments Work with Other Payment Solutions

One of the best perks of partnering with a tech-savvy payments gateway is that hospitals have the flexibility to integrate multiple payment solutions in a single interface. Such partnerships give the hospital access to:

iCheckGateway.com is the most reliable payment processor to get started with IVR payments and complementary secure payment technologies on a single interface. 

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Setting Up IVR Solutions is Affordable Now

Only large organizations had access to IVR technologies two decades ago. However, the sudden growth in bank-fintech partnerships helped the industry bring down the cost of software development. All small and large organizations can now adopt IVR systems without breaking their bank. Moreover, these intelligent IVR systems are easily configurable to ensure maximum productivity. These systems offer:

  • Multi-Lingual 24x7 Support
  • Immediate Vs. Callback-Based Query Resolution
  • Ability to Handle Different Types of Queries 

IVR payment systems let hospitals securely collect their customers' payment and bank account details for various payment methods. They streamline customer experiences and connect with online payment systems to process ACH and credit cards via incoming calls. 


iCheckGateway.com's IVR Payment Systems

Our IVR Payment systems are entirely automated. They help healthcare organizations collect payments without a live representative. Several life insurance and auto insurance companies use our IVR and other technologies to collect insurance premiums easily. The core benefits of our IVR technology include:

  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Total Turn-Key Solutions
  • Maintainance PCI Compliance Standards
  • Professionally Recorded Voice Prompts


While IVR systems are great, they may pose a threat to organizations that adopt a one-size-fits-all mentality. This McKinsey blog shows how IVR systems with confusing navigation and terminology ruin customer experience. Therefore, you need a customizable solution that you can modify according to your customer's needs. 

iCheckGateway.com's IVR call center technology is adaptable to deliver an excellent customer experience. It helps hospitals handle customer calls automatically without growing the customer support team or messing up their customer experience. Increase the productivity of live agents by screening and answering the FAQs automatically using IVR. Speak with our relationship managers to help your hospital clients scale their business on reliable IVR technology today!

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